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The Dutch abound in former sailing cargo ships that are available for laid back, cosy, adventurous, romantic and active holidays. Bring your whole family to our lovely country that is simply made for sailing and have the ship to yourselves.

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Singles sailtrips

Freedom, emptyness , silence, fresh air. The far horizon.

A sailing holiday is the best way to make a fresh start in life. The great outdoors! Active on deck. Discovering your whereabouts and yourself with new friends.



Celebrating your anniversary, entertaining your business contacts, spoiling your employees…

A sailing ship is a festive setting for a special occasion, carefree and attentive. Catering required?
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Sailing as a way of life

Climate friendly holidays, singles trips, celebrations. Sail along! is the channel for sailtrips on the Netherland’s intricate inland waterways, lakes and coastal seas. Arrangements and ships for a feast or a daytrip, company, family or friends.
Or individual travellers who prefer a climate friendly holiday.
Maritiem Online in Harlingen, a sizable sailcharter port,  informs you about ships and trips and offers low emission holidays and transport.

Maritiem Online knows the ships and crews up close and personal. No surprises there! is synonymous with quality and transparency. We offer a great variety of ships and trips.

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Eek de Graaff

Jack of all trades

Over 20 years of service on board ships… in the galley, on the deck, in the wheelhouse and the engine room.

Mission: the world of sailing ships is wonderful and open to every traveller. Including you!

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Happy memories

feedback from our customers

Hi Eek,
I have had a great trip from Hoorn to Inverness. The crossing in particular  was an adventure for me. England and Scotland an experience as well. Splendid surroundings. There were only 3 passengers (who happened to be good company for sightseeing) so enough space for all of us. The captain and his wife are very nice and the ship is tip top.
So, very pleasant. Thanks for the tip and go-between.

Regards, Aaldert.

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Hello Eek

thanks for your email! The weather was very Dutch indeed 😉 still, we had a terrific afternoon.
Selene is a fine ship; the interior is splendid and cosy as well.
Edith is a great hostess and skipper.

Thanks once again and we shall keep you in mind for next time…


It was terrific. Not an inexpensive outing but nonetheless a wonderful unforgettable way to celebrate our twentyfifth anniversary.

Very much worth our while.

Sailor Chris, Willem Jacob


A couple of options to whet your appetite... If you have specific requirements, please contact us. Eek is familiar with the majority of the sailcharter fleet (inland as well as international) and for instance bike&barge boats.


E-mail Eek. Or call +31 6 13 93 94 93

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