Away from it all…

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The Meander is a former private yacht, built in the 60’s, very sturdy and seaworthy, and fitted with all amenities to secure a long stay on the seas. Communication, watermaker, fridges and freezers, enormous fuel tanks. You could spend 6 months or more in splendid isolation with your family, if necessary. At anchor, close to shore, in the ice or sailing the oceans. She is easy to manage, safe and secure, happy and healthy.

travel emission and virus free


… And sailing to Norway and Svalbard, this spring and summer. Our first sailtrip starts on 12th of March. We sail to Trondheim in Norway and from there find our way past the Norwegian fjords to Bodø, explore the Lofoten and proceed with ski and sail. We end up in Alta and from there cross the Barentz Sea to Longyearbyen. More info here