Cargo, Sailing, Festivals

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Sail along on Tres Hombres; the one and only cargo sailor without an engine. Ship and journeys are unique in the true sense. Ever since 2009 she transports cargo under sail -only. And across the Atlantic! 

She is a true freighter; accommodation is uncomplicated, but compensated by the adventurous nature of her travels and the atmosphere on board.  Sailing along means becoming a crew member and a real sailor.cargosailing the oceans 

On her travels, Tres Hombres tries to visit as many harbour festivals as possble to deliver cargo and to get her message across; emission free transport and travel is the future. And harbour festivals are entertainment for sailors. Join Tres Hombres for a journey across the sea; and stay and enjoy the festival. Or entertain your friends on board. We offer shorter and longer travels and daytrips during festivals. Both in Western Europe and across the Atlantic. Climate friendly travel as well as a life changing experience as a crew member. She accommodates 5 professional crew and 10 passengers/trainees. 

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