Ripple of the Sands

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Sandbank exploring from Harlingen

sailing holiday Wadden SeaOn board the Bruinvisch you’ll experience the Waddensea in a special way. The ship, skipper Cees Dekker and the Kromhout engine are all equally monumental and have become one with the Waddensea area.

The Bruinvisch is an inheritance under sail. She smells of the past; linseed oil and tar. She sleeps 18 and accommodates 24 on a daytrip. Sailing the Waddensea is her specialty; tidal waters, ebb and flood, finding a sandbank for a walk, watching the seals hunt and play, visiting the islands. The Bruinvisch feels at home on fresh water as well; Lauwersmeer, Frisian lakes and IJsselmeer. Built in 1902 as a cargo ship she transported cattle, peat, potatoes and shells. And she is now as she was then; only the hold is now a cosy accommodation for 18 guests during an unforgettable holiday.

Skipper, ship, Kromhout engine, nature and the guests make every sailtrip an unexpected adventure. The original one cylinder engine was one of the first to be used in transport under sail and now the last still working Kromhout engine in the business. And it has a new career as a rhythm section at concewat